Unveiling the New Influencers (Solis)

Brian Solis is goed bezig.
Zijn nieuwe post van vandaag ‘Unveiling the New Influencers‘ is een must read voor iedereen in de communicatiebranche. Hierbij een paar quotes:

Traditional influence has followed a systematic top-down process of developing and pushing “controlled” messages to audiences for decades, rooted in one-to-many, faceless broadcast campaigns.

Influential customers collectively create a network of information beacons that help others successfully navigate within their respective markets and industries. We’re awakening to a new era of stature and authority that augments broadcast communications with the participatory groundswell of user-generated leverage and impact. In the world of Social Media, brands can also earn influence using the same tools and networks that have empowered bloggers and tastemakers alike.

Mocht je alleen de praktische take out willen hebben (en geen zin in visie): een goede conversatie begint met goed luisteren en dat doe je met online beschikbare tools zoals:

Collecta: Collecta is the first true real-time search engine that monitors not just Twitter but the update streams of news sites, popular blogs and social media sites, including Twitter, Flickr, among many others. Unlike a traditional search engine that displays indexed results and are ranked based on a series of links and ranking, results and trends in Collecta are updated in your search stream are as they happen – as they appear online. Think Twitter Search, but for the entire Web.

Twitority: A based Twitter search engine solution that allows users to sort results by any, some, or a little authority.

Verder geeft hij een uitgebreide opsomming van blog monitoring tools en listening/conversation management systemen die de moeite waard is om door te spitten. Dat gaan Robbert en ik doen en rapporteren dan later hier onze bevindingen.