Maandelijks archief: oktober 2005

Interessant artikel in Stuart Elliott’s column in de New York Times van 10 oktober:

As the Wachovia Corporation considers its ad spending for 2006, James J. Garrity, chief marketing officer, said in an interview, discussions include “spending more on public relations, significantly more on online and more in ‘viral’ or ‘buzz’ marketing” – as well as “less on traditional broadcast TV.”

The interest in buzz marketing was piqued by a recent test in several small markets of a promotion carrying the theme “What is it?,” Mr. Garrity said. The promotion included bank employees wearing “What is it?” T-shirts washing windows of cars as they drove up to drive-in tellers.

When consumers asked what “it” was, employees replied, “Customer service,” he added, giving them a chance to discuss Wachovia products and services.

Waarom zijn er nog steeds van zulke domme prutsers als marketeers?

British Blogger Tom Coates is upset with a blog that he
says is only a cover for a brand of cleaning product,
Cillit Bang. Seems Coates was writing about not speaking
with his father for almost 30 years when someone calling
himself Barry Scott responded. Coates found out that
Scott’s blog is just a stealth site for Cillit Bang and
spoke out against it on his blog.

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Ingmar en kornuiten zijn een weblog begonnen: Fris Licht.

Het is ongeveer een standaardtruc geworden voor buzz-marketeers: het betrekken van opinieleiders die je merk in een positief daglicht zetten. Bijvoorbeeld door nieuwe sneakers of jeans te dragen, op te draven op de juiste (merk)feestjes en wat positiefs over een merk op een weblog achter te laten.
lees verder op Fris Licht of ga direct naar het oorspronkelijke artikel op AdAge