Maandelijks archief: september 2005

Viral marketing, like a good joke, often seems to work best when it’s at someone’s expense. Thus, we see great promise in New Media Maze’s viral effort supporting the DVD release of The Ring Two in the U.K. Nefarious pranksters are invited to visit and enter a friend’s e-mail address and cell-phone number. The site then sends the friend an e-mail, inviting him or her to view the Ring Two trailer online. As the video plays, the friend’s cell phone rings, and a voice on the other end whispers “seven days”—which, if the friend has seen the Ring movies, might just prompt a soiling of the friend’s trousers.

via: Adfreak

The Department for Transport in the UK is starting a teen pedestrian campaign with a viral asset shot entirely on a mobile phone. The clip is showing a group of friend along a street and one is guy is knocked down by a car when crossing the road.

I found the aesthetics with the mobile phone camera very authentic and apropriate for the target group. Watch the video.


Viraal effect? Vorige week bovenaan in de Viral chart van Lycos